Elf Pets® Pup - Christmas Run App Reviews

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Awesome addition to the Elf Universe!

This is a great add on to the elf experience. The game is fun for kids and adults and comes with additional activities making it well worth the 99cent price tag!

Awesome Christmas App!

Our family loves playing this game and appreciate the family values it teaches. Definite recommendation for the Christmas season.

Buy the book set & still have to pay for app

I'm really disappointed that I have to pay for the app after I payed good money for the book & dog. My kids had to have this app once they saw it on the box. I was going to buy reindeer for other my other child- but now they can Share the dog. Since I would than have to pay for the reindeer app too! Disappointed Momma here.

Too hard for young ones

I got it for my little one and the run game is very hard. I tried it a few times and it's not easy. I like the helper games for her and wish they had more of those.

Five star- great game

Elf pets St. Bernard is a fun, family, game with a lot of stuff to do. I'm 10, and I love it and Christmas. This needs a great rating, because it's a great game! Mostly the best!

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